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Timber Electric Gates Newbury

Hardwood Gates

AG Automation Ltd has a range of hardwood iroko gates to choose from, which can be ordered to any size to suit your property. From a simple hardwood 5 bar style gate, to a fully boarded gate, timber gates offer you both security and privacy to give you a real feeling of being safe at home.

Wooden gates can be made from both from hardwood or softwood. Softwood, being a cheaper option, will give more issues in terms of movement within the timber itself and as such can be unsuitable for automation due to the excessive movement in the tolerances required.

Iroko Vs Oak

Iroko is a very stable hardwood with a tight grain, which not only gives it a much more stable construction, it looks great when stained and varnished, which brings out the natural depth of colour.

Some manufacturers also offer Oak gates, however, Oak timber gates are again prone to twisting and in some cases splitting. Talk to most carpenters and they’ll agree Oak is great for indoor use where there are consistent temperatures and moisture levels. Not great for gates though!

Steel Frame and Timber Gate

We can also offer a combination of steel frame, timber gate. This can be useful if you are looking for a larger gate or even a sliding gate, where you need the stability and strength of steel but with the traditional look of a beautiful hardwood gate.

At AG automation Ltd we pride ourselves on our knowledge and quality of our Hardwood timber gates. This ensures that you, our customers have the best possible solution to your wooden gate requirements.

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