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Solar Electric Gates in Newbury

Solar electric gates are becoming more viable as the technology improves. It can now be a suitable solution where it can be difficult to get a mains power supply.
Our solar automatic gate systems are specified for each application to ensure reliability. Many gate automation suppliers offer a ‘add on’ solar and battery backup system to their existing 24volt systems. Unfortunately theses ‘add on’ systems can be a little hit and miss in terms of their reliability especially during the shorter days of our winter months.

Solar Gate Designs and Specifications

Our solar powered gate systems are completely designed and specified to the style of gates and usage you require. We have worked very closely with the UK’s leading Solar gate specialists to ensure the very best knowledge in specifying your system, with a wide range of panel sizes coupled with varying power storage units, we can ensure the most reliable system for your solar electric gates.
Solar gate systems still have some limitations over a mains powered system, however the reliability and improvements in the technology is improving all the time, and as such we are confident in our ability to provide a reliable solar powered automated system in many instances.
With a reliable solar gate automation system it opens up all possibilities for gates at the ends of long drives, or for field gates were getting a mains power supply is impossible or uneconomical.
Please give our solar electric gate team a call to discuss if this can work for you.

Solar Gates

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