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Automatic Gates in Newbury

There are many different automatic systems depending on the gates and driveway layout. In some cases automatic gates that slide may be a better solution to swing gates, or above ground motors (rams) would be better than an underground system. All these options are considered in detail, using our years’ of experience in the automation industry, to give you the best possible, reliable electric gates.

Underground Automation

Underground automation has become a very popular way to automate electric gates, due to the aesthetic nature of the motors being concealed in the ground. This gate automation system lends itself well to wrought iron gates, where if you had chosen above ground motors (rams)  you would be able to see them through the gate itself. Provided these submersed motors are installed correctly with sufficient drainage to remove any rain water from the motor cases, this electric gate system can be very reliable, and is suitable for both steel gates and hardwood timber gates.

Above ground Automation

Above ground automation covers 2 main types, rams and articulated. Articulated gate automation systems have the motors mounted on the rear of the pillars or posts and have a jointed arm which reaches round and attached to the gate. These are not the most aesthetic of electric gate motors and as such are not often used by the professional installer, but they are sometimes the only automatic solution in a limited space. Electric gate rams are far more common as they offer more power for heavy or wind-affected gates and are more pleasing to look at. As with all gate automation there are critical dimensions and tolerances that these rams must be fitted to in order that they give reliable service. They can’t just be thrown on and expected to work reliably. These rams are suitable for both metal gates and timber gates.

Electric Sliding Gates

In some instances a sliding gate lends itself better to the space available rather than swing gates. Where a sliding gate is being installed, a rack and pinion sliding gate motor would be installed. This consists of a self-contained motor and control panel unit bolted to a concrete pad and a length of toothed drive track mounted to the gate, allowing the gate to be driven open and closed. Sliding automatic gates are a very popular solution for many driveway entrances

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Automatic Gate Safety

No matter which gate automation system is the most suitable for your driveway gates, they must conform to strict safety laws. All gates have to be tested by an experienced, trained, engineer using specialist, certified anti-crush testing equipment to produce the accurate recording of the forces being applied to the gates and their ability to react safely correctly to any obstacles which they come into contact with. Many companies do not ‘impact test’ their electric gates. All automated gates installed by AG Automation Ltd are fully tested and certified.

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