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Access Control – Electric Gates

Selecting the correct access control system for the right type of electric gate is extremely important. At AG Automation we are happy to advise, fit, and maintain any type of access system.

Keypads – Codelocks – Digipads

A digital keypad can be fitted at the gate so that those seeking entry need to give the correct multi-digit sequence to open the gate. Keypads are particularly ideal when used as a pedestrian gate with a suitable closer.

Audio Intercoms

Ideal for home use. When a visitor calls they press the doorbell on the call point and the phone in the house will ring. This allows the caller to communicate with the premises. By pressing a latch release button the person inside the premises can give access to the visitor. Cost considerations should be made for cable runs from the gate entrance to your premises, along with any making good internally where cables may need to be hidden.

Video intercoms

As above but with a video link so you are able to hear and see the caller and converse with the caller. Also available is an ‘image recording’ feature, which allows registration of missed calls from the entrance panel with image capture date and time.

GSM wireless intercoms

GSM Door Entry System employs mobile phone technology to communicate and operate doors and automatic gates.

Proximity Reader

For multi user sites such as livery yards or warded blocks, Proximity Access Control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing a building and assets. Gate Access Control cards allow access through the electric gates, and can be easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen.

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Access Control Systems

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